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Introducing the Staggered 8/9 as featured on The Sportsman's Journal


The Classic Story...


The Classic Flashtails tell the story of how Wolf Creek Tackle Co. came into existence. Since it's inception in 2014, our company has been producing bucktails for family and friends as well as hosting a basic web site and building inventory for the Trampes' use and sales in Canadian waters. These are part of our Classic Flashtail line featuring double 8 Colorado blades and flashabou with a single 5/0 Mustad treble hook. 

In recent years, we added Joe Kraetke to the Pro Team During his field testing of the Classic Flashtails, Joe commented that he'd like a bucktail with the same size blades but a little more heft for farther casting distance. He and Dan worked through a few prototypes before settling on the design for the Pro Grade line. The Pro Grade Flashtails keep the Classic design but have added weight with solid brass beads and rubber underskirting for a longer lasting full profile in the water. 

Finally, we've gotten feedback from some of our customers that have requested a larger bladed bucktail. The Magnum Flashtails feature double 10 Colorado blades, marabou or bucktail under the flashabou and a shorter shank second treble hook at the midpoint of the bait.  


Firetiger Pro Grade and Firetiger Classic

If you don't find a bait that fits your needs or you'd like to change the color/style of a component , please contact us!
Our website is not yet set up for custom orders but we can definitely build a bait for you!
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